What’s The Worst Move In Wrestling History?

Many wrestlers are known for their finishing and signature moves. Rey Mysterio has the 619. Brock Lesnar has the F-5. Kane and the Undertaker have chokeslams and tombstone piledrivers. The Rock has a whole array of signature moves including the People’s Elbow. But what move absolutely sucks?

Arguably, it could be the late and legendary American Dream’s, Dusty Rhodes, Bionic Elbow. Check out this segment from a bout between Rhodes and the Nature Boy below:

If it weren’t for wrestlers like Ric Flair, who can absolutely sell it, we’re not sure what wrestling would be. The Bionic Elbow sends Flair rolling about and out of the ring because the impact was so severe. 

Of course, this is only one of many moves that probably absolutely suck. What move comes to your mind?