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What’s The Worst Move In Wrestling History?

Many wrestlers are known for their finishing and signature moves. Rey Mysterio has the 619. Brock Lesnar has the F-5. Kane and the Undertaker have chokeslams and tombstone piledrivers. The Rock has a whole array of signature moves including the People’s Elbow. But what move absolutely sucks? Arguably, it could be the late and legendaryRead more

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WWE to Stop Wrestling During Commercial Breaks

If you’re like most wrestling fans, you probably lose it when televised matches are interrupted by commercial breaks in the middle of a match. It’s been reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahan recently held a meeting to change just that.  To put the change to trial, Smackdown and Raw both held matches thisRead more

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Is CM Punk Jumping On With AEW?

If you keep up with the modern day wrestling universe, then you’ve probably heard of All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Recently, AEW aired its debut pay-per-view that impressively outsold the WWE’s Money In The Bank event.  The AEW organization has been on an impressive climb since its origination and is now home to many of wrestling’sRead more

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