John Cena Is A Rapper

John Cena has been a poster sized superstar since he first attained the U.S. Championship in 2004. Today he is highly involved in external activities like taking on leading roles in Hollywood and being heavily involved with the  Make-A-Wish Foundation. But before our beloved star was found on the box of Post’s Fruity Pebbles breakfast cereal, he was a wannabe rapper telling other wrestlers to suck on peanuts.

It might be hard to imagine, but John Cena’s album released in 2005 went platinum. It even hit the number 3 rap album on billboard. With hits like “Don’t F*ck with us” and “Chain Gang is the Clique,” there’s no wonder the album became so successful. Here you can see Cena utilizing his lyrical talent to totally fry his competition in the ring:

What’s the corniest thing you’ve heard while watching wrestling?

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