WWE to Stop Wrestling During Commercial Breaks

If you’re like most wrestling fans, you probably lose it when televised matches are interrupted by commercial breaks in the middle of a match. It’s been reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Vince McMahan recently held a meeting to change just that. 

To put the change to trial, Smackdown and Raw both held matches this month that consisted of two-out-of-three fall rules. So rather than an extended match having commercial cuts in the middle of the action, the commercial breaks would occur between bouts.

Smackdown Live has implemented a picture-in-picture ad format that allows the viewer to still watch a match while an ad is played at the same time. 

Don’t be surprised if you notice that the new method of commercial breaking doesn’t stick around, though. It seems to be in a preliminary state and could raise question to the value of the ad space to advertisers. Are you more inclined to switch the channel at the conclusion of a match? Will an advertiser think that? What are the best times and ways for televised wrestling programs to implement commercial breaks. Tell us in the comments below, especially if you witnessed the new multi-fall matches on Smackdown or Raw recently.

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