Can You Believe This Happened: The Big Show & Rey Mysterio

The scene is Backlash 2003. The Big Show versus Rey Mysterio. The match ends with two warn out superstars at the edge of their limits. A groggy and gargantuan giant is stumbling around the ring from rope to rope. Rey Mysterio is taking advantage of the Big Show leaning upon the ropes with three consecutive signature attacks, the 619. After landing all the 619 attempts, Mysterio leaps over the top rope for a springboard finisher, but only to be snatched by his throat.

The Big Show holds mysterio up in the air for what seems like my entire childhood before planting the luchador with a chokeslam. Big Show covers Rey Mysterio for the pin fall. As the Big Show exits the ring, paramedics are called to assist a damaged Mysterio. After Rey is strapped to a stretcher, the Big Show returns to the ring to remind Mysterio that wrestling is fake. Take a look.

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