Bubba Ray Thinks He Knows Why The WWE Can’t Pull Viewers Like It Once Did

Formerly known as Bubba Ray Dudley, Bully Ray sat down with Busted Open Radio (a Sirius Satellite Radio show) to share his thoughts about the difference between the WWE now and the wrestling organization’s glory days. 

Bully Ray’s prime thought was that the McMahon family has failed to transition the limelight to the newer, up and coming superstars. The WWE recently announced that two old school mega stars would be facing each other at WWE Super Showdown on June 7th. Ray stated that nobody wins in a matchup like this because younger superstars will miss the opportunity to go head to head with the legends that could help build the new era of the WWE and wrestling industry.

The Dudley Boyz (WWE)

Ray acknowledges that the WWE is aware of this strategy, though. Along with D-Von Dudley, the classic wrestling tag team known as the Dudley Boyz carved their names into history with historic matches against other tag teams like the Hardy Boys and Edge & Christian. As time progressed, Ray admits that the Dudleys were used to help shape the careers of newer, younger wrestlers like the Uso Brothers and New Day. 

Should Taker versus Goldberg even be happening? Is the next era in the WWE getting the chance they deserve? Regardless, hats off to the legend, Bully Ray for continuing to be an influence in the wrestling universe and speaking his mind.

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